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Check out our JT Splatmaster line.

This line was specially designed for kids ages 9 and up. This line of paintball guns doesn't use standard paintballs, but a specially formulated paintball that is much softer and more "kid friendly. Still having trouble deciding? We've all been there. With so many great budget paintball guns to choose from, it can be tough.

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You might want to consider a used, or remanufactured, gun. You might be able to get a marker from a manufacturer like JT at a steep discount. When we get them they tend to sell out fast, but used guns can be a great way to try out a mid-grade gun for less money. Maybe you need something a little more full-featured. Similar, if a little pricier, is the Gryphon PowerPack. New Dye Rotor Hopper Colors! The Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun is here!

Virtue Spire Paintball Hopper is in stock and shipping! New Spyders! What Did the Buyer Buy?

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BT-4 ERC vs. Although electric paintball guns were once considered to be luxury paintball guns, there are now several manufacturers who produce affordable options. Electric paintball guns are generally powered by a replaceable 9-volt battery or a rechargeable battery. They still need compressed gas to shoot, but the firing mechanisms are aided by the electric supply. The main advantage of choosing an electric paintball gun for your next event is that it is very easy to quickly pull the trigger. Paintball experts compare pulling the trigger on an electric paintball gun to pressing the clicker on a computer mouse.

The fast-twitch design of electric paintball guns means you can quickly splatter a buddy with a barrage of paintballs, making them the best choice for your next speedball competition. Pump-based paintball guns are quite dated, and these days are really for guys who prefer to shoot with a manual gun.

Pump paintball guns have a shotgun-esque design that needs to be cocked before you shoot it. Obviously, cocking a gun before you shoot it requires a lot more time and effort than clicking a trigger. Despite the added effort needed to operate a pump paintball guns, this design is best for guys who play paintball in heavily-wooded or sandy areas.

This is because pump paintball guns tend to be much more durable than the other types of guns. Easily the most popular type of paintball gun for light recreational paintball players is a mechanical paintball gun. Mechanical paintball guns are often semi-automatic, and shoot one paintball per trigger click. This semi-automatic nature makes mechanical paintball guns easy to use, quick to clean, and easy to maintain, which is why they the best options for rec-league shooters.

As a result the M2 is entirely tricked out with cable-free charging, two UL barrel backs, and even its own operating system — MOSair. The operating system allows for unparalleled access to tuning, performance data, and service reports. All of this is on top of the incredible features such as its beautiful ergonomic design, the ease of switching between firing modes, a top-notch pressure regulator, and the list goes on and on. The best way to fully understand the quality of the M2 is to try one in person. View on Amazon.

Dye makes some of the top-tier paintball guns on the market today. They run the gamut from handheld units to massive beasts like the Assault Matrix. Everything works exactly as advertised, with each system working in concert to give you the most enjoyable paintball experience possible. There have been results of some air leakage issues with this gun, but they do seem largely to be connected to user error rather than a design flaw. This is without a doubt the best paintball gun for tactical and woodsball players.

Of course, the high-end bells and whistles have been stripped down to provide a more affordable option. That said, the ETEK5 is still a light, durable, and smooth shooting. One drawback of the ETEK5 over higher-end guns would be that it is a bit heavier, but this is to be expected with more fairly priced options. With a comfortable grip and trigger, this should be well suited for quick snaps and a rapid firing rate. When you get to the championship level, you begin to expect a lot out of your gun. Fortunately, the investment is one that will pay off for top-tier players.

The only real flaws with this unit would be unnoticeable almost anywhere else. The trigger frame is also a lot sharper than it needs to be — not sharp enough to draw blood, but definitely sharp enough to cause some discomfort.

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The Empire Paintball Axe offers a high performance paintball gun at a very reasonable price tag. That said, a decade ago the paintball markers in this price range were had nowhere near as much to offer as the Empire Axe brings to the table today. For the price, the Empire Axe is pretty tough to beat. The Proto Rize MaXXed resides neck and neck in our ratings with the Empire Axe, and it pulls ahead slightly in performance whereas the Empire Axe has the slight price advantage.

It shoots very smoothly and the trigger feels quite responsive. Many people love the UL gripframe, but others are not as fond of it, so this is something to consider before purchasing. We happen to be in the former camp — please excuse our slight bias in regards to this aspect of the review. Another edge on the Axe, the barrel on the Proto Rize is relatively well designed. It also comes equipped with the hyper 3 regulator, which has been regarded as a quality component for years now. The Mini platform is a fantastic subset of the overall paintball world. The guns are light, easy to use, and have an awesome ability to feel perfect in the hands of almost any player.

The Mini GS is a weird gun in the best way. On one hand, this is absolutely the kind of gun you should hand someone that is just looking to get into the sport for the first time. This is, unfortunately, another one of those paintball markers that takes a long time to get set up.

Top 19 – The Best Paintball Guns for Any Budget and Skill Level

Starting out in paintball can be a painful experience for more than one reason. As a far as beginner guns go, the Dye Proto Ryze is a treat. Of course, no marker is perfect. This one has a host of the usual little problems, most of which are going to shake out after regular use. All in all, most players would be grateful for any marker that has such minor overall issues. This is a solid piece of work that will help most new players figure out exactly how they want to play the sport. There are two really solid selling points for this particular marker.

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First and foremost, the Etha LT is a light marker. On the other side of the equation is the accuracy — this marker will send paint flying exactly where you want it to go. None of that is worth passing over the unit, though. Paintball guns should, in a perfect world, look impressive. Even if you put aesthetics aside, though, you would still have a wonderful marker.

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