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It was embarrassing for me to interrupt the line to get my money back. The employees were always very nice, but I hated it. My one pet peeve is — the lack of prices of things on the center aisle. At least one would have an idea of the price. I would buy more from the center aisle if they were prices. I like the chips. In fact at my aldis store I stayed away from the meat. I would have to disagree on the chips and paper goods. The roll toilet paper AND Boulder 8-pack paper towels are the best! I go nowhere else for paper goods because I find these to be the best value for the price.

They are as good as Ball Park, and way way better than store brands. My husband is an english muffin lover, and prefers these. Their German cakes are wonderful. The special buys are good, but sometimes you will fall in love with something and never see it again. Their Cara Cara oranges were 3. Oh, and their bagged salads try the Caesar for a treat are now 1. Agree that their Caesar salad kit is superior to those at higher-priced stores. Their kale citrus salad kit is divine! Their croissants and brioche rolls are the best!! I love eating them, or their pretzel rolls, with Aldi chicken salad and swiss cheese — one of my favorite lunches or snacks.

How long do i cook specially selected fusilli pasta? Instructions say minutes, which seems absurd. I like pasta al dente and usually cook it half that long. Nothing hard here. Standard cooking time for fusilli is in the 8 to 10 minute range. Start with that and test by spooning one out and biting into it. If necessary, then add time in increments of a couple minutes until it tastes al dente to you. Just like seasoning a dish — taste and adjust. Particular chefs use package directions only as a suggestion.

Good luck. I did it. I bought a pack of Serra Ladies modal panties a few months ago — great buy. I think they were something like 5. They are much more of a Victorias Secret style than those cotton Hanes multi-packs. Great News! As of March , all Aldi U. We just got Aldi in Simi Valley, Ca. There produce quality has been great, their chocolate is fantastic, and their line of organic seasonings, exceptional.

We wish they would carry an organic coffee. All and all, pretty good quality and rock bottom prices. I shop at Aldis and am getting more frustrated. The new store is far away so returning items can become expensive. I am a senior who does not feel that well to drive mush less have to drive to return items, also not cost effective. I think each store should have seats for the disabled to rest on at the back of the store. Their chocolates are very good and Christmas specials are a treat. I have come to the conclusion that if I buy vegetables and some spoil quickly, the price I have paid is still cheaper than some local super stores.

You have to know your prices, and check their produce and vegetables over well as it seems they are not as fresh compared to other local stores. They do have some imports that are a real bargain. Be a wise shopper and complain to the management when necessary. I agree that there should a place to sit at the back of the store.

I mean, you do that in the store; You have to stand in one place and think sometimes. What I end up doing is simply squatting by the carriage until my heart rate and vision normalize. I guess I could just buy one of the folding chairs Aldi sells.

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Almost everything I have purchased was wonderful. Big difference in the price though. The Appleton cooked ribs are yummy. You can cook in microwave or regular oven. There are only a few items I do not purchase there as I am basically happy with everything. They do take credit cards now in the U. I do miss the Specialty Select spaghetti sauce I used to buy as it was better than the popular brands.

Some items are seasonal-such as pumpkin pie filling in the can-therefore you have to go to the grocery store to purchase. If you like saving money-make Aldi your one stop grocery store. I do wonder about their meat. I denounce the horse meat thing because of the response about it not being in the U. Is something added to make it red?

I have found it to be less fatty than any I have purchased at the pricey stores. Anyone research that? Horse meat? The chances of finding a slice of Old Dobbin on an Aldi cooler shelf in the U. You may be surprised to know that the bright red color of packaged meat in the U. Customers believe that bright red beef is fresher and thus not spoiled, which is only partially true. Airproof plastic wrap prevents oxygen from reacting with the red blood cells and the meat from turning brown, even though it continues to be fresh and unspoiled despite a color change.

Consumers should always check the expiration date on the package and not judge freshness by appearance alone.

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Aldi has by far the best green grapes. They also have these dove style chocolates that are awesome. I am really impressed by their Village Bakery apple pies with cinnamon. Their seasonal soups in the can are very fresh tasting. Try their vegetable soup or potato soup, and you will be surprised. Specialty chocolate Candy bars are the best. The pack of 3 different colored peppers are cheaper than any other store. Fruit is much cheaper, but look before you buy.

The thick Italian bread is great. The ribs are a great quick delicious meal. I always buy the refrigerated fresh sweet onion salsa when it is available, and pair it with Clancy chips. I find the chicken salad with cranberries to be quite satisfying. Eggs are cheap. I like the fact you can be in and out quickly. The check out cashiers are lightning fast! Also, the plain looking windmill cookies are so good!

Stock up when they are available. Their return policy is very user friendly if you ever need it. I like shopping the specials at Aldi here in Port Charlotte Fl. But very frequently find they are out of their advertise items. Especially in the meat department. I was in there 4 times and they never had any.

If this was only a one time thing on advertised items it would be much better! New Aldi shopper as they just opened here. So far we are huge fans. The fresh pizzas and the K cup coffee but so far everything else has been good and so much cheaper. I wish they were closer.

They do take CC but not checks unlike the other discount store in town. They also weigh bananas here. I think one is supposed to open closer and if so will probably go once or twice a month. Any insight or experience on the pork tenderloin from the meat section, the kind that comes in the vac sealed packaging? We love Aldi! They cost half as much as the Great Value jars at Walmart. I wish I could get everything I needed at Aldi.

I would love to make only one stop for groceries! I would say I love buying the cereal at aldi. Their line of products are great. I also like buying their greek yogurt. Natural and tastes good! I do not like that they have carrageenan in their almond and coconut milks they sell or their half and half.

I wish they will change that over time so I can get that stuff there too. Also their cottage cheese has it too. My husband LOVEs their corn chips fritos. My mom lives their cereal [I have 4 kids, we have to buy cereal in bulk] and their coffee is good too. There is only one item Aldi sell that I have passed up and that is the individually wrapped sliced cheese. I always scan the shelf pricing for extra markdowns….. This is why you fly through checkout…..

I actually like to bag my own stuff….. An Aldi just opened in New Ulm Minnesota. Checked it out yesterday during the grand opening. Got some tasty seasoned pasta. I grew up with a Mississippi Mama who cooked cajun… And I was floored by the spice! I grabbed a few items, canned goods, dry boxed pastas, one of their huge pizzas.

Saw them and moved on… Haha! I might have to go back and pay closer attention to those! Aldi has basically taken over in the UK and all the large supermarket chains are suffering because Aldi and its sister company Lidl, offer better value. Not the choice of the larger stores by far, but for every day food, I buy for my hotel from here. Not happy about Aldi shrinking the size of their spice containers substantially and charging the same price. Saw that too, but ounce-for-ounce the spices are still a far better value than the name brand common spices we pay an arm and a leg for in the regular stores.

It appears they no longer sell lemon pepper in the self-grinder bottle, which I miss. The official Aldi website says: Q. What forms of payment are accepted at ALDI stores? Every time I go to another store and see their army of cart carralers and cart pushing machines! I also love how Aldi regulars have the system down and just exchange the cart and quarter with a smile while passing in the parking lot.

Oh yeah. The fresh pizzas they sell there are a favorite of my husband. And those meat-lovers pizzas really hit the spot with my husband. I shop here every week. My staples that were not mentioned include their hummus I like red pepper , eggs, goat cheese and all cheese in general, dried fruit and their cereal bars. Their breads and bagels are very reasonable, the baked naan makes a great pizza, topped w their marinara, mozerella and goat cheese.

Their frozen hot dogs and brats are awful. I agree on the brats and hot dogs. When I asked the manager, he said they set there prices just below the competitors prices in the same area. Living in the Washington DC area, costs of living are outreagous!! So I really like shopping for good deals — it just leaves me with a better feeling, knowing that I saved some dollars.

Regarding the quality and taste… I guess people are different. Great post! Most of the things you listed are things I already buy. I liked having a few things NOT to buy and agreed with a few! IMO, they are leaps and bounds better than other name brand cans. I grew up on the name brand canned cinnamon rolls, but the Aldi taste better to me.

I like that they keep things like creme of tartar, nutmeg, cloves, and canned pumpkin around the holidays. Aldi having both green and ripe bananas is a mercy. Everyone has different feelings on when bananas are ready for eating. Any strategy involving reason and logic with young children is doomed. I suspect Aldi is acutely aware of her customer demographic. I feel like their corporate centers are reading my mind.

I really wish Aldi sold such and such. Oh well. Usually, if I think it, Aldi makes it appear. Hopefully, this will hold true for the GF oats. I start there, and then finish at the local grocery store. Oh, and I love the chips, gluten free pretzels, tea, and seasonal items. It is definitely a fun shopping trip. Oh, and I always leave the quarter in the cart. My favorite items are their Specialty pasta sauces, so yummy! I recently started shopping at Aldi and now I avoid regular grocery stores as much as possible. The only items I have found issues with is their bagels and their brand of shredded cheese.

I am a brand snob about some things i. Coupons are time consuming. Aldi takes the work out of getting the best price! I recommend the store to everyone. I regularly shop at Aldi. I do most of my food shopping there. However, many of their items have a very high salt content. So much so, that I have actually NOT bought the items I was intending to buy on more than one occasion because of this. Can you name some specific products that have higher salt content comparatively? It would be helpful. Also they have some new healthy cereal options that are great.

Trust Trader Joes, so I trust Aldis. The regular markets have gone overboard with this trying to keep up with big box stores. It makes shopping complicated. Everybody is not living in a big family and want healthy, cost efficient, fresh food. I prefer more quick trips to the market over wasting food and using my small, but organized space for storing too many of the sme items or big containers.

I put in bread and it asked me for the price. How are the quality of their paper towels? I buy Bounty because of their quality but they are expensive. Are Aldi paper towels as good in quality as Bounty? Paper towels are so much a personal preference. There are adding to their lists instead. We live near DC. We only shop at Giant or Wegmans for their sale items. Also their thick chocolate bar with rice … awesome but discontinued. Their chocolates are all good but not quite as good as Cadbury in my opinion…. Ice cream in general is going down hill the more companies add corn syrup… Hard to find any good ice cream anymore.

Oh, and their Danish butter cookies actually from Denmark in the blue can are very good. We love ALdi. How many times have you actually shopped at ALDI? Was it just for the article? I faithfully shop nearly every day. I know all the secrets and ALDI has saved my family from starving many times. Although I love the store, there is no Aldi close to my home, so I shop there on occasion and stock up when I can.

Recently, I was at a location in NYC, and when I went to pay the young women cashier demanded that the money be placed in her hand. She was being assertive, but it came across as discourteous. Maybe it was in an effort to keep the line moving along, but how Aldi treats its customers is important , as well. Piano Tomato sauces- cheap and excellent. Canned Sliced Mushrooms. Happy Farms Cheeses the best and cheap. Almond milk as good as the other brands. Genoa Salami Baking goods and nuts Avoid all breaded seafood items- gross! The staff are very friendly and helpful and the produce is usually fairly priced.

Our store is closing for remodelling tomorrow for a month, and I found out something that outrages me and may well cause me to pay higher prices elsewhere. This bespeaks of a contempt for the customers and a disregard for corporate responsibility. Even they are worried that discounting the food might somehow hurt their bottom line, they could at least donate it to the food bank. Disgraceful, in my opinion. I must correct my previous post with a red face. They would donate any food that was not compromised not spoiled to the Food Bank. Aldi DOES accept credit cards around the Houston locations and has since before this article was written.

Check your local store to be sure, but in Georgia they now accept credit cards. Aldi, whose U. Last year, for example, it entered the Southern California market. The stores will be brighter, more contemporary in design, and in some cases, slightly larger, up to about 13, square feet, to allow for an expansion of store-branded products marketed as natural and organic. Nationally, Aldi also intends to grow from 1, to 2, stores in the next three years. Traditionally known as a discounter, Aldi hopes its fresh look appeals to new and old customers alike. Our nearest Aldi in the Chicago western suburbs, finished a complete remodeling and expansion in early February — new lighting, all new shelving and coolers, wider aisles and greater product variety.

Get ready for some big changes, because these folks are on a roll!

Aldi to launch discount holiday website in the UK

Not agree about dough. I like it more then Pillsbury. When it goes on sale I stock up to make croissants with cheese for lunch. Fast, easy, and my family always loves them. I use two packages at a time and they are completely gone in half an hour. Veggie chips are also good. They often have good deals for ham. Prices for organic yogurt and eggs are also decent. Having read all these comments all I can say is that taste buds differ.

I walked around and left empty handed. The store was gross and dirty, and the produce was rotting. Fast forward however many years, and I live in Kalamazoo, MI and there is all this hoopla about Aldi opening. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I finally listened to my friend and checked out Aldi here.

We shop here often now. Love our newer stores and the remodels. I skipped some of the middle comments so maybe I missed someone writing this: Has no on mentioned the ice cream here? It is the best for price!!! We have been eating Aldi pizza on an almost weekly basis on movie night for months and have never been disappointed. Pepperoni is my favorite, but their other offerings are good too. None of the varieties skimp on toppings. My sons really like their Buffalo chicken pizza hot!

And the price cannot be beat. Aldi rocks. Chips are sold by weight, not volume. Being a U. Plain and simple fact of life is that all pre-made frozen and canned dough sucks. I check twice per week or more often, and you are still out. What gives? I love Aldi. Stay away from the eggs, though. They are not the freshest, at least not very fresh here in Wisconsin. Aldi is the best place for frozen ground beef patties and frozen boneless skinless chicken.

They have also recently started carrying vegetable oil which is the best in the world when cooking pork schnitzel or sweet and sour. The goat cheese is very good. The flatbread is overpriced. I always have a quarter in my car for Aldi. I like this store though I need to try more things. Bought the boxed mashed potatoes because i saw someone else get it.

Too bad it was not good to me. Went in the trash. Friendly people. The Aldi in our town sells strawberry and blueberry kefir. We got an Aldi in town last week. But they do have Apple Pay. My daughter is an avid apple sauce in the pouch eater. The articles chip comment is way off so maybe they wrote it and Aldi changed things. Aldi is always worth the trip! The organic canned vegetables are very good and so are the jellies. I have been buying at Aldi for more than 10 years. They products get better and better everytime.

It is very convenient, you know if you are going grocery shopping at Aldi you have to carry your quarter and your own bags. However you can always grab a carton box from the store and carry your groceries in it. The frozen section is excellent, I alway get my seafood from them. They also carry giant scallops for about 10 dlls a bag! The goat cheese is about 1. They have been carrying wines and other alcoholic drinks for a while now. I love the wine selection. They carry a big bottle of Sangria which is delicious and very low on price of course.

The canned items are way cheaper than anywhere else, and I could go on and on. Best place to buy Bustelo espresso coffee. Cheaper even than Walmart.

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God bless Aldi. They have lowered my weekly food bill by at least 30 percent. I would also add that I had some excellent ahi tuna, scallops, Mama Cozzi pizza, ham, salami, gouda cheese, greek yogurt, etc. I shop at. I do not buy beef there. I always buy their center cut pork chops and their chicken tenders, boneless skinless. Pork chops are the best.

Flour tortillas are our favorites. Chocolate from Germany creamy and delicious. Eggs, milk, butter, whipping cream, hal and half all good. I love the cheeses. All grated cheese has flour on it. Cream cheese is as good as Philadelphia cream cheese. Organic tortilla chips are great. Our grocery chains in St. Frozen corn is so sweet, peas and green beans great. Nothing to complain about. My family eats artificially dye-free foods only. Regarding their produce; I feel like I have to buy it and consume it quickly or it goes bad quickly, and it often comes with fruit flies. I deal with this, seeing as how it is less expensive half the time.

Thanks for this article! Most factory farms today kill their grains with herbicides like Roundup glyphosphate right before harvest. Then they are left to dry for a couple of days before being harvested, processed and made into those dry cereals we conveniently feed our kids. Cheerios has been a favorite for decades Cheerioats in the 40s but has been tested to indicate that it is one of the most contaminated products on the market today.

Of course the box is interesting and cute. I buy organic flour from KAF. That doubled the cost of my home made bread but I can eat it and hopefully not worry that it has pesticides and other health damaging chemicals in it. I love lots of items at Aldi, but my absolute favorites are their whipping cream, Brie rounds, brioche hamburger buns, cheeses, chocolate items, Appleton Farms Ham, and their produce but do have to look it over.

So happy for the savings! There a few items that are sub-par, but other stores with national brands have sub-par items too. As far as produce from outside the US, exactly where are fresh strawberries, etc, going to come from in Dec, January, etc, until June at the earliest in Akron, Ohio, nothing locally!

As far as the canned soup comment, who eats canned soup anyway? Even name brands are awful. Here is some good news! We have been concerned about GMOs in our food. Also, while the regular bananas may be awful, the organic bananas are always flavorful and less expensive than the same at other stores. The same goes for the organic eggs. An added boon is that periodically they stock low cost frozen vegetarian entrees. Like most grocery chains, Aldi buys fresh eggs from third-party regional egg producers.

No significant difference there. As required by the U. Department of Agriculture, all egg cartons sold in the U. Properly stored, eggs are regarded as safe to eat for a a period of weeks beyond the sell date. Oh man I loves me some Aldi. As others have stated their German chocolate is sublime, and their Kinroo beer is actually very tasty.

Add an orange and your set. I witnessed a couple of families throwing out fruits and vegetables out of the pallets to get to the lower level ones…. So all the fruit and vegetables on the floor are going to be picked up by whom? And sold to whom? In some ways it can resemble a U. But outside of the fruit and vegetable train wreck their fit and active brands are superb. On the chicken — it is loaded with water weight! On the produce — it has not been a good buy in our experience.

It spoils much too quickly, and is not always that great. We have found much better deals, etc. I have never seen anything like that here in Oklahoma. I find the opposite to be true about bananas…everytime I am there, their bananas are still green, needing a few days to ripen up. I have always eaten the brand name and they have changed and become more oily tasting.

ALDI provide chips potato, taco, tortilla chips, flavored that are VERY flavorful and in 9 out of 10 bags they have not been broken in to tiny little bits. Also large full chips. I bought a large pack of it and it contains preservatives. But I do like their chocolate selection and home storage items.

I disagree about potato chips. Same goes for pretzel rods. And the produce specials are excellent. Not all plastic is! Aldi is amazing! Also as a coffee snob, I completely disagree with the article…Aldi whole bean coffee is some of the best for the price. So, we often buy ALDI chips and snack foods.

Additionally, eggs and milk and other dairy items are great quality, and reasonably priced. I even tried whole bean coffee last week—the Peruvian beans were tasty, IMO. Aldi is the best store to shop! Cereal at Aldi is at least 3 times cheaper than in other stores. So what do we need coupons for? Without coupons at Aldi, you still save a lot! Much more than in other stores. It was basically love at first sip. I asked if they could give me the brand name, in hopes I could buy some somewhere.

Love IT! So keep your buck or two more a bag for Good Coffee, my palate prefers this selection. Here in the UK i have been using Aldi for a good few years now. In the UK. Meat products are very expensive, but whilst no a lot cheaper than elsewhere the quality is superior in my opinion. Well done Aldi. I bought what looked like a fantastic roast — stuffed with apples and some kind of nut.

It was like Spam. Aldis offers fair trade coffee, and also Organic Coffee where I live. It is a good price, and a very good coffee. Just saying. Rubber Peaches and Nectarines! Whilst I really do enjoy shopping at Aldi and most goods I find are of high quality, I take exception to the Peaches , Nectarines and Bananas. What are you guys doing to the fruit? Woeful Peaches and Nectarines! I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska.

I bought the frozen salmon, thawed a piece and was very disappointed. Milk is always below price from the other stores. Eggs are cheaper most of the time unless the bigger stores are having a big sale. Some of the fruit is a little more expensive. Can someone help me sift through this info? I am definitely an Aldi fan. I disagree, however, with your post on cereals. My son inhales Cheerios so that is what I eat, too. Seems its time to try their coffee again, its been years since I tried the first two bags — and both went into the trash after the first pot!

Their condensed soups used to be fabulous, but the last can I bought was as another poster stated vile! Great dairy products-even the new ice cream. No one has mentioned the oyster crackers. They are fantastic! THE item to avoid is soda crackers. They always seem half stale. The club and HiHo styles are much better. Most regular stores have very tasty chicken salad honestly. At least around here in upstate NY. But the Original is awesome!. But they realistically have a two day life before they get slimy and uneatable.

By the time the expiration date arrives those mixes always look like slimy seaweed. I feel like its a trick to get you to buy something they want to get rid of for more than a similar item in the store. You see that red tag and it fools you to believe its a good deal.. See for yourself next time! Its a scam. I am retired and live on Social Security. I do almost all of my food shopping at Aldi. The prices are a lot less expensive then Walmart. Some of the granola cereals are fantastic and cheap. Unless you have tasted everything I think you are crazy to discount them.

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Related Posts. Nicole on November 16 at. Anonymous on January 12 at. I also love both of these items Reply. Charles on September 10 at. Eric Smith on November 5 at. Phyl on September 25 at. The brownie mix is the best that I have found.. Maureen on November 23 at. K on March 10 at. Sad on October 5 at. Patti on October 29 at. Ed on January 19 at. Janet on January 14 at. I love Aldis but why did they stop sailing original friendly farm creamer Reply.

Thanks for reading. Sylvia bouye-roberson on March 1 at. What do you think about Aldi Pizza…have you tried it and is the chesse real Reply. Judy on May 19 at. It is not good. Had to throw it out. Dave on October 16 at. Gloria Levine on February 3 at. SuperWittysmitty on February 6 at. Kay on May 20 at. Depends which one you get. Some of them are really good.


Kriss on September 3 at. Nancy on September 19 at. Chris on September 24 at. Pizza is really good. Teresa Gerchman on December 12 at. Deb Brown on October 4 at. Great review! D on August 7 at. Anita on November 16 at. Jack Alemian on August 31 at. Sue Rayson on February 12 at. Danielle L. Hunter on January 26 at. Anonymous on September 24 at. Jean on February 15 at. Bill A on November 7 at. Sabine Schmidt on June 9 at. I do have three kids and we need a lot of sporting cloth — things get lost in Germany, too … Just last week I bought myselfe a pair of sandals for about 8 Dollars.

Aldi South does have great quality. Michele on November 16 at. Keho on March 16 at. Kehoga Blanchard on March 16 at. Lee Detrick on November 16 at. Beth on December 7 at. Anonymous on November 16 at. Lynn on January 6 at. Arlene Brown on January 10 at. We all know how that policy failed Reply. G on February 2 at. Mary on November 16 at. Julie on November 24 at. Anonymous on January 8 at. Anonymous on January 10 at. Diana Martin on September 25 at. Products are sold by the package in Tennessee also. Aldi never weigh anything. Sue on January 18 at. Anonymous on February 8 at.

Demitera on December 17 at. Eleanor Lock on January 8 at. Nancy on January 8 at. Anonymous on January 26 at. Anonymous on June 16 at. Eggs are only 79 cents a pound here in west palm beach Florida! Manny on July 17 at. Anonymous on October 30 at. Love, love Aldis Reply. Anonymous on December 3 at. Lee on December 7 at. Flooby on June 17 at. Scripture in the egg cartons—- I thought that was very odd, and made me not want to buy them.

Bargaineer on March 11 at. Orders placed with Aldi coupons or Aldi sales may still be returned, however, any returns must be in perfect and unused condition unless received damaged or faulty. Aldi online has all of the latest weekly offers on food, toys, homeware, garden products, clothing, baby events and more. If there's no Aldi offers, you can still score a deal with Aldi voucher codes or discounts offered all the time.

If this does not help you, feel free to reach out the the customer service team at Aldi online. You can get in touch with the team by emailing at customer. Feel free to live chat or use Facebook or Twitter as well.

They're here to help! Try using a cashback shopping website too when buying with Aldi online for cashback and offers. The seasonal special buys change every week. These can include anything from whiskey and champagne through to hot tubs, sun cream and toys - all at extra low prices but with the quality that they are known for. Updated 23 July Aldi Vouchers Aldi is a supermarket dedicated to bringing you the freshest food, luxurious wines and spirits, and every day household items at affordable prices.

Aldi Vouchers Get offer. Check out this page for the latest Aldi offers and vouchers. Receive free delivery on wine when you buy 6 or more bottles at Aldi Skip the delivery charge when you order 6 or more bottles of Aldi wine and spirits online and get free delivery. Visit shop.