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Sunseeker 5. Sunseeker LE 1. Sunseeker MBS 1. Surveyor 6. Tracer 4. Tracer Breeze 6. Tracer Ultra Lite 1. Trail Runner SLE 2. A new travel trailer is a big money vehicle. Not only in terms of features but also it should suit your needs. A new, first time rver will many times find it difficult to figure out his or her needs and thus, this kind of buying may turn out to be wrong one. Thus, a branded trailer may not be for all. If you happen to be a long time rver then it makes sense to go for a brand new one. As you now know your needs, the kind of floor plan that suits you.

But, overall churning out so much on a new trailer may not be a good idea when you can get similar features and design in half the price.

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  • Many people regret buying a new trailer when they find it not suiting their needs. The bigger shock comes when they try to sell it in the market. The prices have already come down heavily. The depreciation of travel trailer is high. The moment you get it on road, the prices start to fall down. That is a heavy depreciation.

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    Initial investment is a very big amount and that can be a negative. A new rv will most likely have all the features but at times you end up modifying, adding features or upgrading to meet your needs later on. This happens mostly with people who buy their first rv as a brand new one.

    This means you are spending on top of the huge amount you already spent. While the first year or so you will enjoy the smooth rides, but that does not mean it will continue that way. Depending on the usage and servicing, the travel trailer may well get you sleepless nights due to issues and subsequent visits to dealers and service agents. Also, the new ones can have bugs that need to be fixed. The manufacturer will definitely fix them for free, but it may need you to keep the trailer with them. And that can take weeks, do you want your travel trailer be with the manufacturer during the time of rving season, when you needed it the most?

    Buying a new rv or used rv in itself should be done with proper research and after validating your needs. A new travel trailer vs used one pros and cons are pretty clear and now you should have a good idea what to do. A used trailer can come as very good deal, provided all things fall properly for you.

    A new travel trailer may not always be a good deal as one would feel. Better thing to do, is to take your time, visit sellers, compare and make the deal. Also, do not buy the new rv directly, have a look at used ones before going for a new one directly. Skip to content Buying a used travel trailer or motorhome is a tricky thing to do. Used travel trailer can save you on initial cost A rv in general is a hefty investment. With used travel trailer you can take a chance A first time rver can take a chance with used travel trailer, specially if it came at very low price.

    Used travel trailer or rv are good for those with short travels If you are the one who wants to enjoy camping not too far and have a fix campsite, then going for a used travel trailer or rv makes more sense. A lucky buyer may get good upgrades in used one There is no doubt, a new rv will have good things packed in it. New design, better technology. Pros and cons of buying a new travel trailer A new travel trailer is mostly for those who have already used rv previously.

    It feels great to drive new rv or travel trailer A new vehicle is a new vehicle, there is no matching that with a used one. New travel trailer will give you manufacturer warranty Vehicles of any size are prone to damages, and then comes the warranty to give you that freedom. With new travel trailer you get new design and technology When you go for a new travel trailer, you would obviously look for the latest one. Peace of mind with branded new rv A used rv can be a trouble for rest of the time it stays with you, if it turned out to be lemon.

    A new RV means investing a lot of money A new travel trailer is a big money vehicle.

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    New RV may need upgrades and modifications A new rv will most likely have all the features but at times you end up modifying, adding features or upgrading to meet your needs later on. Brand new does not mean it will not break down While the first year or so you will enjoy the smooth rides, but that does not mean it will continue that way. Conclusion Buying a new rv or used rv in itself should be done with proper research and after validating your needs. Related Articles. Spend the first day scouting around RVs that grab your interest and make a note of your options.

    Wait until the last day of the show and see what is still available on your list. The chances are that the dealer will offer better prices and incentives to move his merchandise before the RV show ends to avoid having to tow or ship it back to their lot. This is like the RV show strategy. Like auto dealerships, RV and camper dealers operate on monthly and yearly schedules.

    You may also find sweet spots during the middle of fall when RV season is coming to an end in most of the US. Dealers will be eager to sell before the chilly weather settles in. This may be the perfect time to negotiate a deal out of the dealer or target a salesperson who may not be having the best month selling. You are never obligated to take a deal no matter what the salesperson has done for you. Never, ever feel compelled to make the buy because the salesperson has met you half way. Never feel like you must buy no matter the circumstances.

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