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If you have unlocked some of the episodes the price will be discounted. The whole package costs Gems if none of the episodes is unlocked. Many new maps, story, achivements. Usage : Buying this upgrade will grant ONE of your characters an extra bag slot. Note: you will get the extra bag slot in the character you purchased it, not all of them. Verdict : Not worth early on. Usage : Buying this will allow you to have one more crafting licence active on one of your characters, exceeding the limit of 2 per character. Verdict : One of the worst items in the gem store. Absolutely not worth it.

There are 9 crafts in total, and from default you can create up to 5 characters with 2 crafts in each one, meaning you get to max out all 9 crafts without purchasing additional licences.

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Pass on this one. Usage : In order to use this item you need an empty Shared Inventory Slot. Upon using it on a non-level 80 character you get the following:. Verdict : Well, some may find it worth buying. You get 1 for free if you purchase HoT or PoF expansion. The extra content given is not worth the gold spent to buy this ticket. Plus you are not gonna need this to get a character to level 80 with all the Tomes of Knowledge you will have later in the game.

Pass on this one too. Usage : Having this cute golem, will allow you to access your bank from anywhere for 2 weeks. Heavily depending on how much you play, you may not even make the necessary gold during this time. The Salvage-o-matic consumes 3 copper per use.

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Verdict : This one is a bit special. Buying it with money is ok I guess. Buying it with coin is a bust. If you buy it with coin, you will have to salvage the tremendous amount of 4. Personally I think both options are not anywhere near worth it. Just make use of the Mystic Salvage Kit.

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Usage : This item allows you to instantly travel to your Home Instance. Verdict : Same as the banker golem, not worth the money. Usage: What this little gizmo does is that it teleports your character to the nearest waypoint of the next scheduled World Boss. Verdict : Well, let me ask you a question? Are you so lazy that you are more willing to spend gems for something you can do in like 5 seconds?

Using the waypoint for world bosses, even if you do all of them daily unlikely you wont get to spend gold for a very long time. Seeing which world boss is next is quite easy with a quick google search and bookmarking the website. Usage : I put these 4 together because they are basically the same thing: they grant you access to a special place that has all conveniences close to one another. There will be all crafting stations, bank, Black Lion Merchant, Mystic Forge, all withing very close range.

What makes these special items is that every once in a while the Unlimited ones become available. Please note that I recommend buying only one of those.

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No reason in buying multiple ones since they give you the same thing. Verdict : No. My recommendation would be to save the gems for when the infinite versions go on sale.

Then you will make a lifelong investment that will surely be worth it. Infinite ones cost around gems and they are available for limited time in the Gem Store. Usage : Using this item will unlock all waypoints within a region of Central Tyria core game. Verdict : It will definitely save you time while doing map completion. But I personally recommend NOT buying it. You will miss out of the fun of actually traveling Tyria by yourself. I will leave this up to you. Verdict : If you are between this and the above items, buy this one. It will save a tremendous amount of time while doing map completion.

But my earlier statement still stands. You miss out the fun. Usage : Using this item will open up the bank window. Closing the window will consume the item. Verdict : NOPE. Verdict : While the same things as above apply, commanders of farming events could or guild leaders could possibly buy this, in order to make a convience of the squad and not having everyone travelling to merchants. Usage : Summons a Black Lion Delivery Agent for 15 minutes, that can be used by you and others in order to buy, sell and collect from the Trading Post. Usage : In order to change the skin of a weapon, armor or back item without changing its stats you will have to consume a transmutation charge.

Apply a different skill will consume one Charge. Verdict : Absolutely not.

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You will have more than you are gonna use before you know it. Verdict : Mystic Salvage Kits are the ones I use constantly, and in my opinion the most worthy salvage kit in the game. Usage : Using the Metabolic Primer will activate a hour timer. Any food eaten while this timer is active will have the same time remaining with the primer timer rounded up to the next hour. Verdict : Primers are a nice convenience. Good late-game foods will cost you lots of gold and they only stay on for about 30 minutes. The difference in gold is not huge but buying the primer from the gem store with gold will be more expensive.

Then again if you want to buy with money, I totally recommend it. Verdict : Same as the Metabolic Primer.

But utility items tend to be cheaper than food items, hence the difference in gold between buying utility items or buying one of them and use the Utility Primer is far greater. Just put the new rune even if it destroys the previous one.

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You will save tones of gold you would spend on the extractor. All in all buying the extractor is not worth it by all points of view. Usage : Used in order to open Black Lion Chests. Verdict : If you want to go full RNG and hope for super rare drops go ahead. You may get lucky enough to have a drop of Permant Bank Access Contract , which can be sold for 3. Then again you may get nothing. But generally you will get lots of them from Achievement Chests.

Usage : Consuming the Item Booster will grant you the following benefits for 2 hours:. Verdict : Nah, just use the ones you will get from Achievement Chests. Using it will not make you back gold or save you so much time in order to be considerer a worthy buy. Verdict : Same as the Item Booster.

Too much gold for the benefits they grant you. Maybe if it was around gems it would be worth it, but not for gems. Verdict : This verdict will apply in all the following Node Packs. Seemingly, at first you will notice that the gold you will make from the racks is nowhere near the gold you spent to buy them. But, this is basically an account upgrade. You will have this for the rest of your time in the game. Plus you can always invite your friends and have them harvest everything you have too. Note: Anything you have in your home instance is also unlocked in the home instance of your other characters, but can only be gathered once per account per day.

Make no mistake, this is an investment for the future, but a good one in that in my opinion. Usage : Unlocks three lumbering nodes in your home instance for daily gathering. Usage : Unlocks three ore nodes in your home instance for daily gathering. The Guild Wars 2 Gem Store itself may not seem like a problem, but it facilitates "ecto gambling," an RNG-based form of in-game wagering, which Reddit user Altimos suggests could be at the root of the problem. The Gem Store isn't required for ecto gambling, but it does enable high-volume gambling for players willing to throw money at it.

Black Lion Chests are loot boxes that drop exclusive items, but since the issue seems to target the Gem Store as a whole and not the loot boxes themselves, it appears that ArenaNet is taking a more "big picture" approach to the problem. ArenaNet hasn't yet said anything about what's going on, so it's all speculation at this point and I suppose it's possible that the store is just broken somehow—broken in an oddly specific way, in a part of the world that's recently taken a very dim view on the part of the game that isn't working.

My expectation is that it's intentional, in other words, and ArenaNet has just done a really bad job of communicating what's going on. I've reached out to the company for more information, and will update if and when I receive a reply. Thanks, PCGamesN.

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