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Classroom Activities that Teach Money Skills

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I'm interested in grades:. School name:. School Information optional Adding your school can help us give you better content recommendations based on what teachers in your school or district are using in the classroom. School name. Cancel Add. This website requires cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Add to collection. Create new collection Collection name. Anyone who needs. Clipping coupons is similar to clipping money, since any money saved, is extra money you will have. This is especially true with grocery shopping, as a dollar saved is a dollar earned. One place to find coupons is in your local papers advertisement section, in the grocery store ads.

Look in your local paper for a week to see what days they print coupons. There are many different types of coupons.

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  7. Clip some coupons and pass them around for the class to look at. What information is included on each coupon? Coupon Amount, expiration date, etc. What different ways are there to save? What if you buy something you don't want, then have you really saved money? The coupons include the store name, the amount of the coupon, and the expiration date.

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    The student is to answer the random word problem questions related to these coupons. The exercise is designed for students to practice their math skills by using coupons , shopping lists , and grocery shopping worksheets. Students will learn about budgeting , how math skills are applied in day-to-day living, the value of money, and they will gain experience in working in teams to reach a common goal. Review the Lesson Worksheet with the class.

    The Grocery Shopping List is the list of items the group will pretend to shop for at their favorite grocery store. Instruct each group to find the note cards that match the items on their shopping list. Once all items on the groups shopping lists are located, groups should return to their work area and use the Item Price List to get the price of each item.

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    This information should then be listed on the Lesson Worksheet.